Our Instructors


Sensei Tomiko Mitsuoka

Ms, Tomiko Mitsuoka (Black Belt 8th Dan) Teaches at Farnham Common

I was one of the pioneering ladies of Shotokan Karate-Do. I started 45 years ago, after I had my second son Jo. Then suddenly I was ready to compete and entered several world championships and got several titles with my team. I came to Slough with my two sons in 1994, I opened a Karate class and hoped to return back to the karate world which I left.My Karate classes are very family oriented, everybody is welcome. I am open minded. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: tomiko@renseikan.co.uk

Tom Curtin

Tom Curtin (Black Belt 5th Dan ) Teaches at Farnham Common.

I first started Karate in 1970 with Sensei John Van Weenan for four years In Edmonton North London and then I stopped until I started back in 1985 in Hayes West London with Sensei Kevin Healy (KUGB) I stayed with them until I met Sensei Tomiko in 1997/8 ( WSKF) I have been training with Sensei for 15 years and I have learned so much from her over the years. I am now the senior student at the dojo 65 years old I still enjoy the Training and teaching. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: tom@renseikan.co.uk



Takeshi Akiyama

Takeshi Akiyama (Black Belt 3rd Dan) Teaches at Swindon.

Started martial arts practising Kendo in 1970, then moved onto different styles of Karate (Okinawan style and full-contact style and Chinese martial arts). He Has now been practicing Shokotan style Karate since 2005. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: takeshi@renseikan.co.uk

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt (Black Belt 3rd Dan )

I began training in Karate in 1994 , at the age of 43 and have been passionate about the practice and traditions of Karate ever since. My interest has also led me to training in Chinese Martial Arts. I received my 1st Dan from Sensei Enoeda of KUGB in 1998 and joined Sensei Mitsuoka and WSKF in 2005, I have since been recognised at 2nd & 3rd Dan by Senseis Mitsuoka and Kasuya. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.