Our Instructors


Sensei Tomiko Mitsuoka

Ms, Tomiko Mitsuoka (Black Belt 8th Dan) Teaches at Farnham Common

I was one of the pioneering ladies of Shotokan Karate-Do. I started 45 years ago, after I had my second son Jo. Then suddenly I was ready to compete and entered several world championships and got several titles with my team. I came to Slough with my two sons in 1994, I opened a Karate class and hoped to return back to the karate world which I left.My Karate classes are very family oriented, everybody is welcome. I am open minded. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: tomiko@renseikan.co.uk

Tom Curtin

Tom Curtin (Black Belt 5th Dan ) Teaches at Farnham Common.

I first started Karate in 1970 with Sensei John Van Weenan for four years In Edmonton North London and then I stopped until I started back in 1985 in Hayes West London with Sensei Kevin Healy (KUGB) I stayed with them until I met Sensei Tomiko in 1997/8 ( WSKF) I have been training with Sensei for 15 years and I have learned so much from her over the years. I am now the senior student at the dojo 65 years old I still enjoy the Training and teaching. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: tom@renseikan.co.uk



Takeshi Akiyama

Takeshi Akiyama (Black Belt 3rd Dan) Teaches at Swindon.

Started martial arts practising Kendo in 1970, then moved onto different styles of Karate (Okinawan style and full-contact style and Chinese martial arts). He Has now been practicing Shokotan style Karate since 2005. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.

Email: takeshi@renseikan.co.uk

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt (Black Belt 3rd Dan )

I began training in Karate in 1994 , at the age of 43 and have been passionate about the practice and traditions of Karate ever since. My interest has also led me to training in Chinese Martial Arts. I received my 1st Dan from Sensei Enoeda of KUGB in 1998 and joined Sensei Mitsuoka and WSKF in 2005, I have since been recognised at 2nd & 3rd Dan by Senseis Mitsuoka and Kasuya. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.



Ionut Grecu

Ionut Grecu (Black Belt 2nd Dan )

I've started karate in Romania when I was 9 years old. I can still remember my Sensei (Vasile Popa) teaching us spinning techniques after he attended a seminar with Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei. I had the privilege to learn all aspects of karate through perseverance and hard work. I stopped when I was 18 when I started University and had a few attempts to come come back but didn't last long.

In 2011, I moved to the UK and tried to join a couple of local clubs before I found Tomiko Mitsuoka Sensei's dojo in February 2018. I knew from the first lesson that this is what I'm looking for from karate. The connection with traditional Japanese teaching was back but most importantly the passion for karate. C.R.B. (Child Protection) Certified.